The various formats from the Cris Morena Group stand out as being developed with a global creative vision. The 360 company is one of the producer’s hallmarks.
Allies Web: At the time, 360 Digital’s experience of producing “Allies” online was dazzling
Allies on Google: After “Voter registration”, “Aliados” (Allies) was the most searched for term in 2013. Source: Google
Allies on Facebook: +800.000 FANS | +2 millones LIKE | 130.000 PTAT | 500.000 COMENTS | 350.000 SHARE
Almost Angels on Youtube: more of 400 MILLONS REPRODUCTIONS
Allies on Twitter: #Aliados (Allies) was the most talked about hashtag on Argentine television during 2013. Source: Twitter/Tribatics
Los negocios adicionales son protagonistas, a la hora de crear cada historia. Libros, revistas, cd´s, video clips, shows en vivo, películas, documentales, video juegos, aplicaciones para celulares, dvd´s, merchandising (Decenas de licencias, aplicadas a todo tipo de productos).